Women’s Bottoms From Allbirds

Allbirds started in 2014 featuring footwear that is made from natural materials. From the day the apparel company started, they are committed to using sustainable materials as an alternative to synthetic fiber which contributes negative impact on the environment. Their collection has grown including women’s apparel such as bottoms. Here are some of the women’s bottoms that you can buy from Allbirds:

1. Capri Legging

It is made from soft and breathable material that came from eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool. The Capri legging will keep you dry and cool during running, training, and walking.

2. Sweat Pants

Though the fabric is structured, it still provides softness and comfort. It is made from Pima cotton, hem, and Tencel Lyocell that gives slim-fitting sweatpants when used while resting and in recreation activities.

3.Natural Legging

Another legging made from breathable materials, this women’s piece has four-way stretch fabric for more comfortable running and training. The fabric follows the body movement as you squat and stretch.

4.Bike Short

Available in seven colors, the bike short is made from eucalyptus tree fiber and merino wool to provide comfort and sweat absorbing feel during workouts. The bike short has an internal drawcord if the waistband needs to be tightened. It also has extra pockets for your belongings.

5.Run Short

This natural run short is designed with a relaxed fit and made with lightweight and sustainable materials that keep the shorts breathable. It is available in seven colors that match every woman’s personality. It also has front and pack packets for your everyday essentials.

6.Sweat Short

When you are feeling lazy and feel like lounging all day, the sweat shorts from Allbirds can provide you with a relaxed and roomy feel. Its material is made from Pima cotton and French terry which make it soft to the touch. Plus, it is designed with pockets for your essentials if you need to go somewhere.

Allbirds is truly committed to reducing the pollution that the environment has been receiving from the fashion industry. Aside from the materials used on their fabric, they also use recycled cardboard for their packaging.