Get To Know The Best Makeup Trends Of 2022 To Look Amazing

Women express themselves through makeup to reveal various aspects of themselves and make everyone know them better. Fashion has set fabulous makeup trends for 2022 to make all women look beautiful and glamorous all year long.


-RHINESTONES: the most spectacular makeup trend of 2022 is the application of rhinestones on the face. The favorite areas for this detail are the cheeks, under the eyes and also the upper eyelid.

-EYE SHADOW IN SHOCKING COLORS: the most important stylists and make-up artists in the world impose the application of eye shadows in bright colors. The colors to choose are orange, yellow and green.

-FLUFFY EYEBROWS: for many seasons the fashion makeup has varied between thin eyebrows and thick eyebrows. This 2022 will be different, as fluffy eyebrows will be used. This defined look is achieved through the application of an eyebrow pencil, which gives a luminous effect.

-POUTY LIPS: pouty lips will continue to be in fashion this season. This aesthetic effect is achieved with a good outline and using light shades of colors such as pink, nude or orange. For evening events, you should choose burgundy or coral. The finish you should use will be satin or glossy.

-MINIMALIST GRAPHICS: when it comes to eye makeup you should choose architectural strokes that will give more definition to your look. Double eyeliner will be a trend that will last all year long and will give an artistic touch to your makeup.

-GLITTER: if you want to attend a party or go dancing with your friends you should use glitter or wet glitter, which will give your face a glamorous look. Prefer metallic textures.

-LUMINOUS SKIN: lightweight facial foundations will be one of the BIGGEST MAKEUP TRENDS oF 2022. The key is to achieve a luminous effect and therefore project a more natural look.