7 Best Smelling Cologne & Body Care For Men

From being a sporting goods’ elite outfitter, Abercrombie has evolved into a luxury fragrances and clothing brand. With the popularity of their Fierce cologne during the early and mid-2000s, the brand has released many fragrances for both women and men, plenty of which have been well received. Here are the best men’s cologne & body care you can get from Abercrombie.


1. Fierce Night Cologne

As one of the best flankers of the Fierce collection, Night features a bergamot note up top which gives it a nice zesty opening. It's also paired with a bust of ambroxan which feels bold initially but will become smoother with a touch of sandalwood and lavender in the base. Once it settles, this attractive, versatile, and clean scent has 8 hours of longevity.

2. Ellwood

Ellwood is very unique, fresh, and clean. Both men and women will definitely love this citrus aromatic fragrance. Its composition of laundry-inspired white musk and bergamot highlights a modern yet subtle and relaxing scent. Ellwood has average sillage with 10-12 hours of wear.

3. Fierce Reserve Cologne

With the DNA of Fierce, Reserve is a men's leather fragrance. It smells complex yet refined with its sweet, musky dry down. It features seductive notes of wild, fresh sage, warm leather, barrel-reserve whisky, and a hint of crisp amber. Made for outdoorsmen, this likable cologne has honey ginger in the background and lemon orange on the top.

4. Fierce Cologne

A staple of college and high school guys, Fierce is still the brand's timeless bestseller and one of the world's most sought-after scents. At the start, it has a rush of spiciness which is seductive and fresh. After it dries down, it gives a masculine air with its super smooth blend of sensual musk and woodsy notes. A safe, all-around go-to for men.

5. Fierce Deodorant Stick

This solid, invisible deodorant stick highlights a blend of sandalwood, sensual musk wood, and marine breeze notes similar to its classic cologne. It has the right amount of subtle strength that makes you feel sexy, clean, and fresh out of the shower.

6. Fierce 4-In-1 Wash

Face wash, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner are all combined into an easy-to-use formula. The brand's classic Fierce is not just a fragrance but also a lifestyle. An ideal match to the cologne and deodorant stick which will make the coveted scent last longer.

7. Fierce Gift Set

The perfect gift for fathers, husbands, and brothers for the holidays, anniversaries, and birthdays. The Fierce gift set has bold, redefined, vulnerable items from its famed collection. It includes: * 3.4 oz. and 1.7 oz. Fierce cologne * 6 oz. Fierce candle * 8.4 oz. Fierce body wash * 2.6 oz. Fierce room spray * 7 oz. Fierce foaming hand soap * 13 oz. Fierce body lotion * 3.4 oz. Fierce hand sanitizer * 2.6 oz. Fierce antiperspirant deodorant * 4.2 oz. Fierce body spray