Features Of Nolita Perfume

Nolita perfume is a fragrance that was founded by the owner of Le Labo perfumes-Dominique Ropion. It is a woman’s perfume that is described as having a mix of rose and jasmine, with a hint of woods. It is sought after for its unique notes and scent.

Features of Nolita perfume

1. Aroma

Nolita perfume’s aroma is a top note of Jasmine, while the base notes are a mix of rose and woods. It also has lower notes of blond leather, vanilla, patchouli and cedar. This is the scent that women love because it allows them to have a romantic yet vintage feel.

2. Components

These components are: top notes are jasmine; middle notes are rose; base notes are patchouli, musk and sandalwood; lower notes: blond leather, vanilla and cedar wood. These make up for a very attractive perfume – women love this composition because it gives them protection from all kinds of germs. It also has an old-school feel.

3. Brand

Nolita perfume is a product of the American perfume brand, Le Labo. It is described as the oldest perfumery in Paris, France. The perfumes sold by this brand are favored because of the unique and unusual scents that they carry. It was in 2005 when this perfume house started to sell Nolita perfume, which became a hit among women because of its woody, floral scent that it has.

4. Uniqueness

Nolita perfume is unique because of the scent that it has, i.e. Jasmine, rose and woods. It also has lower notes of blond leather, vanilla, patchouli and cedar wood which give this perfume an old-school smell.

5. Scent and form

Nolita perfume comes in a glass shaped bottle with a white cap. It is sold in 50ml bottles, which are coupled together to make one bottle of 100ml of liquid perfume. The bottle is quite oval shaped making sure that it will stand with any round or flat surface. This container also has a tall neck to prevent spillings as well as easy-to-dispose lid.