Types Of Queens Crown

Queens crown can be worn by both male and female. it is a type of ceremonial headgear, normally made of gold or silver-gilt and often set with jewels. It may be worn at coronations, funerals, weddings and other occasions.

Types of Queens Crown

1. Open backed crowns

This type of crown may be open or closed; the former is more common. In some cases a band is set across the top and has a small gem or crystal in the centre. This is often called “the diamond crown”.

2. Crowns with ear loop

This style of crown has an ear loop to enable it to be worn on either side of the head, especially for simple wear when driving a carriage or horse and for occasions like christening and weddings. Also known as “loop” or “trapezoid” (German) crowns.

3. Crowns with flat back

These are worn above the head. The most picturesque and elaborate examples have a large circle at the back, a kind of frame, which is often studded with jewels. There may also be an ornamental band across the frontage of this circle.

4. Crowns with decorative trefoil

These are known as “rhododendron crowns” because they look like little sprays of rhododendron foliage, or perhaps wreaths of roses. They are frequently set with small jewels.

5. Crowns with embossed decoration

These are similar in shape to rhododendron crowns, but without the trefoil decoration. The design is more elaborate, often including a wide band of gold or silver at the back set with gems or pearls, and a smaller band across the front. The design at the back may be further enriched by adding a circlet of gold or jewelled flowers. This style was used for all kings and queens until 1967, when it was abolished by Royal Warrant under pressure from modernisers and humanists.