8 Women’s Shoes To Get You Ahead Of The Shoe Game

1. Women's Wool Runners

A recognizable classic, this Merino wool shoe is as lightweight and comfortable as they come. Crafted out of Brazilian cane midsole, castor bean oil insole, and recycled polyester, you'll increase the lifespan of our Earth by wearing these runners. Due to their thermoregulation properties, they're suitable even for colder weather.

2. Women's Tree Breezers

Flexibility and sturdiness are properties of unique materials - one such is eucalyptus tree fiber. These versatile slip-ons are suitable for everyday wear as well as more formal occasions. They conform to your feet's position and are very easily maintained since you can put them inside the washing machine.

3. Women's Tree Dasher Relay

Get the most out of your daily runs with Tree Dashers. Insole, outsole, and midsole are each made out of different materials to maximize comfort and stability. You won't have to worry about ankle sprains anymore since there's a Merino wool lining inside that will keep your feet firmly in place.

4. Women's Wool Runner-up Mizzle Plus

Confront bad weather successfully with these water repellent shoes. The combination of a 25mm mud guard overlay and an upper wool shield will keep your feet dry even when you're knee-deep in puddles.

5. Women's Wool Piper Woven

For those aiming at a more refined look, this Wool Piper variation features a woven upper that is more durable than the traditional knitted alternative. If you travel and walk a lot, these are going to retain their original look even with extensive use.

6. Women's Trail Runner Swt Mizzles

Forget about sticking to routes and go off-road exploring with the Trail Runners. Grippy outsole provides enough friction on any surface while the 4mm lugs follow your every movement. The water-repellent finish will protect your feet from mud and rain to keep you as comfortable as possible.

7. Women's Plant Pacers

Experience the complete leather feel without having to worry about its origin. The Plant Pacers are made out of 100% plant-based leather while being completely plastic-free. A mix of rubber, plant oils, and agricultural byproducts has been perfected for maximum durability and leather-like properties.

8. Women's Wool Dasher Fluffs

Tested by over 50 different athletes through thousands of miles, these soft and stylish runners will be your long-term companion. Multiple shock-absorbing features such as SweetFoam midsole and traction pads on the outsole ensure maximum safety and best energy returns on your runs. A fluffy Merino wool upper completes the design for additional style points.